J99 – Social Media Strategies

About the class


Social media is big business. Facebook is worth $350 billion and Snapchat is planning to go public in 2017. This class will explore the best practices for individuals and companies in the ever-changing and important world of social media. We will achieve our desired course outcomes through use and discussion of social media platforms, reading and discussing the book and by making a commitment to keep up with the latest news in the world of social media (each class will start with a discussion about what is new that day/week in social media).

Course outcomes:

  • You will understand how a person can use social media to build a personal brand
  • You will understand how an organization or company can use social media to achieve its goals
  • You will know how to measure the success of social media campaigns
  • You will know how to create great content on social media
  • You will learn how to evaluate new social media tools
  • You will realize that social media is no longer an easy place for marketing success

Groups: You will work both as an individual and in groups during this class. You are expected to help people in your group achieve their social media goals.

How to get an A: Show up on time, turn in your assignments on time, pay attention in class, participate in class, apply concepts learned in class to assignments.

Course materials

Required book: Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World, by Gary Vaynerchuk.

Facebook group: Drake Social Media Strategies

Facebook pages: facebook.com/drake.social.mediafacebook.com/lovedrakeuniversityfacebook.com/DrakeDigitalNewsfacebook.com/heartdesmoines

Twitter accounts: @drake_social@DrakeDigiNews@heartdesmoines

Instagram accounts: @drake_social@DrakeDigiNews@heartdesmoines

Class blog: heartdesmoines.com

Class schedule

Jan. 23

In-class: Class intro / First posts

Jan. 25

In-class: Social media in 2017 / audit

Reading: JJJRH Ch. 1

Homework due: Join FB Group, Like FB pages, Twitter, Instagram accounts

Jan. 30

In-class: Great content / Blogging

Reading: JJJRH Ch. 2 + 3rd Annual Survey of 1000+ Bloggers

Homework due: Social media audit / improvements

Feb. 1

In-class: Blog work day

Feb. 6

In-class: Native content

Feb. 8

In-class: Native content rapid prototyping

Homework due: First blog post

Feb. 13

In-class: Company audits on DDN and Heart DM

Homework due: Native content assignment

Feb. 15

In-class: Facebook in 2017

Reading: JJJRH Ch. 3 + How Facebook News Feed Works

Homework due: Company audit, goals and plan

Feb. 20

In-class: Evaluate blogs / Twitter in 2017

Homework due: JJJRH Ch. 4 + 2017 Is the Year That Twitter Learns to Thrive or Dies

Feb. 22

In-class: Opportunities in other social networks

Reading due: JJJRH Ch. 5-8 + Inside Instagram’s reinvention + Inside the Instagram Algorithm + No, Snap Isn’t the Next Twitter. In Fact, It Might Be the Next Facebook

Feb. 27

In-class: Facebook and Twitter analytics

Reading due: Using (Facebook) Page Insights + How to use Twitter Analytics (including links on left side)

March 1

In-class: In-class analytics exercise

Homework due: In-class analytics (end of class)

March 6

In-class: Social media research & experiment intro

March 8

In-class: Presentations on social networks so far

Homework due: Presentation on content/results in progress

March 13, 15


March 20

Work day

March 22

Present social media research

Homework due: Research presentation

March 27

Social strategies / frameworks (presentation) – Get final projects

March 29

Rapid prototyping

Homework due: Second blog post

April 3

Present social media experiments

Homework due: Experiment presentations / Participation on Twitter & FB Group

April 5


April 10

Viral content

April 12

Work day

April 17

Viral content discussion

Homework due: Viral content

April 19

Work day

April 24

Analyzing new social media networks

April 26

New social networks presentations

Homework due: New network presentation

May 1


Homework due: Paper on social posts / results

May 3

Final presentations / social media campaign for company or organization

Homework due: Final strategy presentations