J55 – Digital Media Strategies

Innovation week survey

About the class


Digital technology is constantly evolving. And while the web has grown into a hub of innovation, and social media has allowed the world to communicate in new ways, it’s extremely difficult to attract and retain a loyal audience across a bevy of digital platforms. The noise can be deafening.

Digital Strategies will introduce students to the tools and best practices to cut through the din. Students will understand how to grow, engage and maintain a digital audience, creating effective native social content while also using analytics to drive and adapt a plan. Students will also delve into the complexities of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), data journalism, and data visualization, as well as investigate the latest tech advances.

Course outcomes: Students will be able to…

  • Evaluate a current social media strategy and create a strategy
  • Evaluate a current digital (web/mobile/social) presence and suggest improvements
  • Interpret and assess analytic data and its impact on overall digital strategies
  • Present data visually
  • Create appropriate and targeted social and web content
  • Begin to understand new technologies that are going to impact the communications field



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Class schedule

Date In-class topic Reading Assignment due
Jan. 24 Class intro
Jan. 26 Excel | In-class files Lynda.com: Excel 2016 Essential Training – Ch. 1-4 Download Excel
Jan. 31 Excel | In-class file – In class file 2 Excel assignment 1 – (data for assignment 1) Answer 3 questions and print out to hand in to Chris
Feb. 2 Data visualization Excel assignment 2 – (spreadsheet)
Feb. 7 Data visualization – Piktochart In-class Piktochart assignment (end of class)
Feb. 9 Social media in 2017 (Slides) 7 Trends That Will Change Social Media in 2017 Piktochart assignment
Feb. 14 Native content (Slides) – Social media posts begin Gary Vaynerchuk’s 6 Secrets To Creating Great Social Content
Feb. 16 Social media strategies (Slides)
Feb. 21 NO CLASS! But do readings on how Facebook and Twitter work How Facebook’s News Feed Works

2017 Is the Year That Twitter Learns to Thrive or Dies

Feb. 23 Opportunities in other social networks Inside Instagram’s reinvention Social media strategy paper
Feb. 28 Social media strategy speed rounds
March 2 Social analytics (Slides) Facebook page insights

Facebook Insights: A Detailed Guide to Facebook Analytics (Razor Social – Dec. 22, 2015)

Tweet activity dashboard

In-class analytics
March 7 Social media presentations Social media presentations
March 9 Social media presentations Social media presentations
March 21 Emerging digital tools (presentation)
March 23 Emerging digital tools hands-on
March 29 Emerging digital tools hands-on
March 30 Using Human Centered Design – PresentationIDEO’s Field Guide to Human-Centered Design Emerging digital tools assignment
April 4 Web trends – Presentation
April 6 Critiquing web design
April 11 Innovation week
April 13 Innovation week  Innovation week info
April 18 SEO (presentation) First web critique | Web critique form
April 20 SEO In-class SEO assignment (end of class)
April 25 Google analytics – Presentation In-class analytics assignment (end of class)
April 27 Web work day
May 2 No class
May 4 No class Final assignment on Blackboard