J55 – Digital Media Strategies

About the class


Digital technology is constantly evolving. And while the web has grown into a hub of innovation, and social media has allowed the world to communicate in new ways, it’s extremely difficult to attract and retain a loyal audience across a bevy of digital platforms. The noise can be deafening.

Digital Media Strategies will introduce students to the tools and best practices to succeed today and in the future. Students will understand how to grow, engage and maintain a digital audience, creating effective native social content while also using analytics to drive and adapt a plan. Students will also delve into Search Engine Optimization (SEO), data journalism, data visualization and the latest tech advances.

Course outcomes: Students will be able to…

  • Compute, assess and evaluate analytics data and its impact on overall digital strategies
  • Discuss the role of creativity in the digital media
  • Identify what is working in digital media
  • Evaluate and create content and strategies for succeeding in digital media
  • Assess the role of new technology in the communications field