J105 – Web Page Design

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About the class

Spring 2018

This class will begin you on your path to becoming a successful web designer and digital producer. You will learn the basics of how web sites are built, and you will gain skills necessary to make web sites successful in this social media and search engine-driven world.

What you will learn:

  • File-folder structure, HTML and cascading style sheets (CSS).
  • Web site hosting and domain name management.
  • Web design principles.
  • How to create a site using an installation of WordPress.org.
  • How to modify a WordPress site’s design and function using CSS, plugins and built-in tools.
  • How to use Google Analytics to measure the success of a site.
  • How to use search engine optimization and social media to drive traffic to your site.
  • Current trends in the world of digital media.

How to get a B: Show up on time, turn in your assignments on time, pay attention in class, apply concepts learned in class to assignments.

How to get an A: Do all of that, and go above and beyond what is required on assignments.

Required book: Sams Teach Yourself HTML and CSS in 24 Hours, Ninth Edition, by Julie C. Meloni.

Software: An FTP client (Fetch is recommended for Macs, Filezilla for PC) and a text editor (Brackets for Mac and PC). All are free.

Website: Online hosting plan and domain name at reclaimhosting.com (will be purchased as part of class – $27 with code sniderclass).

Class Facebook group: Drake J105 Web Design